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Reference Title Publisher Date Condition Remarks Price Thumbnail

Cul 01


General view of Harbour



August 1901



Queen Victoria Stamp One Penny purple

Posted to Berlin

£15 old
Cul 02 Whitehaven Harbour J Bellman Photo   G   £15 white

Cul 03




Cul 04





  G   £  
Cul 05 Castle Park Whitehaven J L Topaz Production   VG   £5 castle
Cul 06 Life Saving Apparatus station Whitehaven Piper's Bazaar Series 1920 G   £6.50 station

Cul 07


The Two Piers Whitehaven Unknown Publisher   G



£8 Two Piers
Cul 08 Pier Heads Whitehaven Valentine Series 1913 G Some corner bumps £7 pier
Cul 09 Lowether Street Whitehaven Valentine Series   VG   £11 lowther

Cul 10


The Lighthouses and Piers, Whitehaven

J Bellman, The Studio, 79 Lowther Street Whitehaven

Posted 1913 G Small Crease bottom left Corner £8 light
Cul 11 Market Street Whitehaven D&D Posted 1906 G   £6 white
Cul 12 The Park and Hospital Whitehaven Unknown Posted 1933 G   £10 park

Cul 13


Whitehaven, The Park Exclusive Glano Series   G  



Cul 14



Cul 15



Hospital and Castle Park J.L Topas Productions   VG   £6 castle

Cul 16


Market Day Whitehaven Piper's Bazaar Series   G


£15 day
Cul 17 St Joseph's Church Frizington Cook Frizington   G   £5 joes

Cul 18


Whitehaven Harbour Valentines 1906 G   £6 harb

Cul 19


Whitehaven Castle The Wrench Series 1902 G Undivided Back £3 castle

Cul 20


Lowther Street Valentine Series 1950 G Bump on top Left corner £8 lowther
Cul 21 Penzance Street, Moor Row, Cumberland M and L National Series   VG   £12 moor row

Cul 22


Millorove Nr Whitehaven

R&N Series


VG The Message on the Back related to Masonic Meetings in the Area. They are having a PPC viewing night and would like one fro all members in the Districk £15 white

Cul 23


In Caldbeck G.P Abraham ltd 1932 VG   £10 cald

Cul 24


      G   £  

Cul 25


Irton Hall

Moss Series

No. 143

UP G   £5 hall

Cul 26


Calder Abby N.W Unknown


Beckermet Duplex

Faded   £5 abbey

Cul 27


St Bridget's Calder Bridge Unknown 1904 Whitehaven duplex     £5 st

Cul 28


St Bridget's Calder Bridge Unknown 1903 corner bumps   £5 calder

Cul 29


Calder Abbey

The Wrench Series

No 3502

1902 G   £5 cal

Cul 30


Main Street, Frizington Cook stationer Frizington 1915 G   £27 friz





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