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Outside 6 Nelson Square.7 views"Me (the one with Churly Hair) Rosemary Ward, Gregory Ward, \
Behind: Mary Wilson and Mam (Rose Ward nee Brocklebank)\
Also Whiskey the dog belonged to Alice Haile next door."
Apr 12, 2015
Rose Brocklebank1 viewsSchool Photo: St Bridgets RC School. late 1920's / early 1930's
Apr 12, 2015
Nelson Sq3 viewsPatricia Ward, Elisabeth Wilson we must have been to the beach tha day or just on our way the Tanside is out
Apr 12, 2015
Seascale Circa 19583 viewsApr 12, 2015
Wray Head, Drigg, Cumberland2 viewsThis no longer here, its now a BNF site, this is where my grandfather Henry Brocklebank was born
Apr 12, 2015
Murphy Sisters5 views"There is debate who the four are, we know that Margaret and Bridget are the ones sat down there where 5 sisters.\
So the other two could be either Mary, Annie or my Grandmother Catharine."
Apr 12, 2015
Catherine and Henry Brocklebank5 viewsMy Grandparents in the back garden of 6 Nelson Square. in the 1930's
Apr 12, 2015
Rose Brocklebank2 viewsWe don't know were this is or who the dog is, must be 1930's
Apr 12, 2015
Rose Brocklebank4 viewsNot sure were this is, could be the kennels that used to be at the top of St Bridgets Lane
Apr 12, 2015
George and Benjamin Brocklebank130 views"George Brocklebank: (standing) born Cockermouth Cumberland 1861 Occupation Clogger. MY great uncle.\
Benjamin Brocklebank:(seated) born Cockermouth Cumberland 1851 Occupation Tailor: My Great Grandfather"
Apr 12, 2015
Catherine Murphy and Caines O' Brien2 viewsMy Great Grandmother and her grandson Caines
Apr 12, 2015
Reaveley Farm House0 viewsReaveley Farm House Bed and Breakfast Northumberland August 2007
Apr 12, 2015
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