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Reference Title Publisher Date Condition Remarks Price Thumbnail
Cul 31 High Street, Cleator Moor Milfull Series   G   £7.00 high
Cul 32 High Street and the Town Clock, Cleator Moor The J.E. Series Posted unable to read date G   £15.00 clock
Cul 33 Hazel Holm Ennerdale Road Cleator Moor Illingworth's Series Cleator Moor 1923 G   £7.00 holm
Cul 34 Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor

Illingworth's Series

Millom and Ceator Moor

  G   £4.00 road

Cul 35


Cleator/Cleator Moor?

Parade Horses

Unknown   VG   £25.00 horse
Cul 36

Cleator/CleatorMoor.? Trupet Street Parade ?


Baker   VG   £25.00 trumoet
Cul 37

Cleator/Cleator Moor. Trumpet Street. Parade Horse and Cart. May Queen


Baker   VG   £25.00 queen

Cul 38


Cleator/Cleator Moor. Parade, Trumpet Street



Baker   VG   £25.00 cart

Cul 39


Cleator/Cleator Moor.May Pole Dancing Baker   VG   £25.00 may

Cul 40


Cleator/Cleator Moor. May Pole Dancing Baker   VG   £25.00 pole
Cul 41 Stirling Memorial Fountain High Street Cleator Moor Bewley Series 1905 G

Cleator Moor Duplex and Durham Cancels

Corner Bumping

£6.50 stirling
Cul 42 The Park Whitehaven Kingsway Real Photo Message on the back G   £4.00 park
Cul 43

The Hall Mill


Valentine & Sons Ltd Posted 1947 G 96618.JV £8 Hall
Cul 44 A favorate Walk. The Yearl Brow.Workington Photo J.R.T Posted 1908 G   £8 walk
Cul 45 Workington Post Office

Unknown Publisher


  VG   £25
Cul 46 Workington Publisher I. JEFFERY   VG Three Children outside house £8 three

Cul 47


The Vicaridge Frizington Cook Frizington 1915 VG   £20 vic

Cul 48


The Paddock RHeda Frizington Illngworth's Series 1915 G   £10 rhe

Cul 49


Main Street "South" Frizington Cook Frizington Used but unposted message and address on back G   £20 south

Cul 50


St Paul's Church and Schools. Frizington Cook Frizington

Posted 1906

Frizington Duplex and Salford D.o Cancel

G Coner bump £10 church


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